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Logo Your content shouldn’t be trapped in yesterday’s tools. We build smart, future-proof solutions that take your data where it needs to go.

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My name is Nate Klaiber and I am the owner of Device Independent, LLC. I have been given the opportunity to work with incredibly talented teams and some really incredible projects.

I’ve watched so many trends come and go over the years. The one thing that is constant is the data model. Great experiences are not dependent on a device or context, but should be shared across the devices and context.

API’s allow you to unlock your data, whether for your own internal purposes or for a broader Developer Platform.

I can be found in several other corners of the web:

  • Nate Klaiber is my playground. It is where I post my thoughts and short snippets on things going on in the industry.
  • Miles to Empty is an application I built to help you track the ownership costs of your vehicle.
  • Nate Klaiber Book Reviews is a website that houses my personal book library collection and any reviews associated with them.

Offline I am active with many local talented individuals who work on the web. This includes small gatherings at local coffee shops, or the monthly Cleveland Web Standards events. It’s great to have a network of passionate people who work on or around the web.

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